Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Winds of Change

"The toughest decisions in life come with a price to pay." This is how I started my resignation letter. Yup. You read it right, I quit.
Many people quit because they want a better pay, a better position and most commonly they are unhappy. Why did I quit?
I told the world it was to do PhD. I told some it was to get into college teaching. While all those options remain open and exist as options, I think I just needed a break. I find my tastes changing.
I like mint now. But that isn't the taste I was talking about.
I find myself wanting more time to do the things I want. I am not ready to just settle.
I loved my job. Don't get me wrong. It was the best. Working with the kids (though kids is a terrible word to describe that age), comfortable timings, loads of holidays, the feeling of authority, the oh-so many events to conduct, all of that is me. It is very me. But that's not all that is me. There is more.
More that I want to explore. (Ooh that rhymes. Maybe I could consider being a poet? Lyricist? )
Remember in a previous post, rant I had said I want it all. Well I guess this is my time to do it all.
That's why I quit. I don't want to look back after 10 years and wonder. No what ifs. Life is too short for that. But then again, you already know that.
I'm going to go now. Enough of ranting etc etc. Its time to get out there and make the most of my life.


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